Pellet Stove
The high-gauge steel frame and the cast-iron grate and firebox are exceptionally robust, reliable and durable.
Stove exterior: Handmade Majolica
Stove interior: steel
Baffle plate/Firebox Liner and Burn Pot: cast iron
Exhaust: 3 inch rear vent
Ash drawer: removable
Door: cast iron opening with stainless steel door handle
Ceramic glass: resistant up to 750° C | 1382F
Clean glass air wash
Stove control unit: with digital controls
Output control (positions): 4
Timer-thermostat with programming: daily, weekly and weekend dual time settings
Adjustable floor leveling legs



Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper

Oriental Sand

Oriental Sand

Pellet Stove

Compact yet versatile, this stove with classic styling is ideal for heating medium size environments

Multifuoco System
‘Three speed forced ventilation system.
Warm air ducting up to 52 feet’
Multifunction remote control
thumbs_955LCD display, timer, thermostat and Multicomfort function’,’Daily, weekly and weekend modes.
Dual time settings
Daily, weekly and weekend modes.
Dual time settings
SY Remote Control System
Optional kit for remote control of stove with a simple SMS
SY Structure
Enameled steel with door, burn pot and firebox in cast iron
SY Majolica cladding
Unique large hand-made pieces
Air Glass System
Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 1380 F / 750 C
Easy Cleaning
Quick and easy maintenance, removable ash drawer
Humidifier with aroma diffuser